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SCU Disclaimer and Copyright Statement

The teams responsible for the World Wide Web System at Southern Cross University attempt to ensure accuracy and reliability of the data contained in these documents. However, Southern Cross University makes no warranty or guarantee, or promise, express or implied, concerning the content or accuracy of the documents stored and served by this service. Users requesting final confirmation must refer to the originating bodies or departments sourcing the documents.

Course Information

Southern Cross University strives to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information contained in printed information distributed by the Southern Cross University or information stored on the web pages of the Southern Cross University (Information). Southern Cross University reserves the right to change or alter at any time, without notice, any of the Information. This includes any information about courses or units of study offered by Southern Cross University. Please confirm any information about courses, units of study or fees with the relevant department.

The Information is not intended to convey any offer, promise or guarantee of a placement within the Southern Cross University or any offer of guarantee that a course or unit will be offered by Southern Cross University in the future. To the extent permitted at law, Southern Cross University excludes all liability (including all losses, damages, costs and expenses of whatever nature) arising from the use of, or reliance on, any of the Information.


Southern Cross University is not responsible for the contents of any off site pages referenced.


All Southern Cross University Information is Copyright - Southern Cross University 1996 - 2014. All rights reserved unless otherwise stated. For information please contact the Copyright Officer:

If you believe copyrighted work is available on Southern Cross University network in such a way that constitutes copyright infringement, or a breach of an agreed licence or contract, please notify us using the appropriate Takedown Notice: Takedown Notice form

Privacy Statement for Southern Cross University's Websites

Southern Cross University has created this privacy statement to demonstrate its firm commitment to the protection of privacy and personal information under the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act, 1998, in relation to the operation of its website.

Social Media Integration

Signing up to thefutureSCU using Facebook’s remote login grants access to the user’s private Facebook information (for example Friends and Galleries), which will be used to populate the user’s personal profile on the site. Data pulled through will be shown exclusively on the user’s profile and will not be visible to other members or to the public.

Users can choose not to sign up with Facebook and make a new account by entering personal details on thefutueSCU homepage. Doing this does not pull any data from Facebook.

Personal information provided by a user to SCU for the purpose of starting an account, will be collected used and disclosed in accordance with SCU’s Privacy Management Plan. A copy of the Privacy Management Plan is available at Personal information collected will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned or otherwise disclosed to a third party otherwise than in accordance with the Privacy Management Plan and these terms and conditions.

Instagram homepage will be populated with images and videos from Instagram which are tagged #yourfuturescu. By tagging images and photos, users agree for their images or videos to be used on thefutureSCU homepage, and in doing so warrant that they are the author and any persons featured in the images or videos have granted their permission to be used in this communication.

Each tagged upload grants SCU the right to reproduce, publish, transmit or otherwise communicate to the public their entry, in whole or in part, in or using any media for any purpose without permission or payment.

Each tagged image or video represents and agrees that all elements contained in the competition entry or other material:

  • a) is original to the author and available for use as contemplated by this clause;
  • b) does and will not, in any way, violate or breach any of the terms of any other agreement the entrant may be a party to;
  • c) does not contain defamatory, tortious, or otherwise unlawful, untrue or inaccurate information, infringe or violate any copyright or other right, or contain any matter the publication or sale of which will violate any federal or state legislation or regulation.
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